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Advice to a student

(this is from a letter I sent to one of my students)

Yes, you are a master now. A beginning master. Draw the symbols, especially Dai Ko Myo, and try “breathing light” : you imagine light flowing into your lungs and out of your lungs as you breathe deeply… keep this up for a minute… now imagine instead of your lungs, light is moving in and out of your hands… keep this going a minute… now imagine a shower of light sweeping down through you from the sky… and rising up through your feet and legs from the ground… let these energies mingle a while… and then put your hands on the floor and let go of all the energy and relax. This will help you get sensitive to energy flowing. And also strengthen you.

When we calm ourselves and watch the world without judging… we notice our passing thoughts like clouds in the sky. We are not our temporary thoughts. We notice our feelings passing by. We are not our feelings. We are the One Who Watches. This detachment from the world gives us a space to become aware of subtle energy such as reiki and body energy such as the stuff which moves in your chakras… and to imagine it pushing out of our hands… to do things such as reaching into a closed box to detect what is in there… to open a door… to close a door… to calm a turbulent energy… to awaken a sleepy energy which is blocked … it all starts with calm and watching… 🙂